Washington Mindfulness Community

Elector Registration Form


By completing this form I affirm that:

·        I am in agreement with the WMC Corporation’s mission statement

·        I have participated in WMC activities for a minimum of six months

·        I desire to vote in elections for the WMC Board of Trustees and Practice Council


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   PLEASE MAIL ME MY BALLOT (your request must be received by 21 February)




The WMC makes available to its members a directory of contact information for members who wish to be included in it.  Please check one of these options:


        I consent to having the above contact information included in the directory.


           I want to be included, and would appreciate the following information is OMITTED:


        I prefer not to appear in the directory.



                This Registration form may be mailed to:

Washington Mindfulness Community (WMC)

P.O. Box 11168

Takoma Park, MD  20913

OR handed to a member of the Elections Committee: (Joe Toole and Carolyn Bluemle)

OR brought to the Community Gathering on March 12, where the election will be concluded.



WMC CORPORATION’S MISSION STATEMENT: The Washington Mindfulness Community, formed in 1989, is composed of men and women inspired by the teachings of Buddhism and of Thich Nhat Hanh, a contemporary Vietnamese Zen Master, peace activist and writer.  The mission of the Community is to nurture mindfulness, love, and understanding among those who participate in its activities and in the larger society.

Members come together to meditate, to deepen their understanding of the practice of mindfulness, to encourage and inspire each other through dharma discussions and mindful actions, to support each other through difficult times, and to celebrate the joys and wonders of life.

Recognizing that each person's peace and happiness are interwoven with the peace and happiness of others, the Washington Mindfulness Community offers activities that welcome the children, families, and companions of members.

The community also organizes retreats, lectures, and other public events; supports communities and causes in accord with the Community's mission; and works with groups that relieve suffering through compassionate actions.