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WMC Charter Hall Winter Retreat

Interested in deepening relationships with others in the WMC? Exploring life as practice? Sharing in a community-made mindfulness weekend in a beautiful setting? The Winter retreat is a chance for participants in the WMC old and young, new and long term to share a weekend of living and being in the practice ~ we plan to learn some of the Plum Village chants and celebrate the turning of the world out of darkness and toward the light.

Date: January 21-23, 2005

Place: Charter Hall, Perryville, Md. ~ about a 90-minute drive north on I-95 across the Susquehanna River to an old house that FDR and Eleanor used as a getaway.

It has character, fireplace, shared rooms, and big, equipped kitchen that we share the making of meals in. It has sunsets, sunrises, and moments of stillness, times of music and laughter, amazing dharma discussions, deep relaxation, chanting, and a tea ceremony ~ the experience of being together in the practice. For children of all ages, there's climbing into bunk beds and through the secret passageway, and parent-created children's activities.

Cost: $50 per adult, $25 per teenager, children 12 and under come free. We have room for 35-40 folks depending on family units and needs. Expect to share a room.

To register: send check made out to the WMC to Scott Schang, 2039 New Hampshire Avenue NW #601, WDC 20009. Questions? E-mail Scott Schang or call (202) 462-8209 (h); (202) 939-3865 (w).


Volunteer to Lead a Dharma Class!

The Washington Mindfulness Community began a new community learning opportunity this year, hosting dharma classes on the third Sunday of each month at 5:45 p.m. at the Vihara. We’ve had a lot of interest and good attendance at these classes, and we need your help to keep things rolling. Would you be interested in leading one class sometime in the coming months? The classes last one hour, and you get to pick the topic: one that is near and dear to your own practice. We’ve been suggesting Thay’s "Teachings of the Buddha" as a starting point, but you can present anything having to do with mindfulness practice that you can share your personal experience with. This is a great opportunity for you to share your practice and insight with the community. Please contact Steve Sidley if you have any questions or if you would be interested in signing up to lead a dharma class. Thanks!

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