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WMC Fall Retreat at Charter Hall
by Joseph Byrne

On the last week-end in September, fourteen adults and five children gathered at Charter Hall retreat center, at the confluence of the
Braving the wind, having fun in the sun, at the WMC retreat. (Pictured: Steve, Ian and Sean Sidley, and Inessa Love. Photo: Joseph Byrne)
Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay, for the annual WMC fall retreat. The weather, both inner and outer, was beautiful, and a mindfully good time was had by all.

The weekend included river-filling activities for the children (skipping stones and dropping seaweed back into the water), and deep relaxation for the adults, along with the regular dharma discussion and laid-back meditation practice. On Saturday night, there was a tea ceremony, organized by the children, who also baked some of the delicious cookies. Following this, there was a bonfire out by the water.

At the end of the retreat, all gave a special goodbye to Steve Haase, who was off to bootcamp the following week, a requirement for his new job as trumpetter for the Navy band. Steve is due back in December.

There are still openings for the upcoming winter retreat, which will be held the last week-end of January at Charter Hall (Jan. 24-26). The retreat is being organized by the local Family sanghacommittee, and there will be many kid-centered activities. To sign up, contact Steve Sidley at: (301)655-2605 or stevesidley(at)

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