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My Upset Emotion

My upset emotion,
Like a small child
Needs my motherly love,
Fatherly attention,
To be held tenderly,
While being lullabied to peace.

— Bill Menza,
Aug. 29, 2006
St Anne’s Lake, Reston, Va.

We Live In Our Mind Dreams

We live in our mind dreams
Of what we think we think we want
Or not want or had or will have or had,
Or what happened or did not, or will or is.

— Bill Menza,
March 29, 2006
Sarasota, Fla.

Our Dreams, Our Children

We try to have our children live our dreams,
But they find their own,
And how best to live them.
So best to pass the time,
Leaving it to the flow.

— Bill Menza,
Aug. 12, 2006
St. Anne’s Lake, Reston, Va.


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