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A Lotus for Thay, Celebrating 80 Years!

In gratitude, the Washington Mindfulness Community offers these “Thay-ku” to celebrate
Thich Nhat Hanh’s wonderful example and presence in our lives.

WMC sangha photo
He brings dharma,
wrapped in mindful smiles,
so flowers bloom.

Seeing you walking,
the bird inside me wakes up
and begins to sing!

Our earth endangered
Thay meditates in airports.
There is still some hope.

Eighty years ago
a wonderfully warm sun
Quietly rising.

Alfred E. Newman*
would laugh out loud if he saw
my teacher smiling.

* “In a Plum Village dharma talk, Thay told us a friend had told him that his smile was like Alfred E. Newman’s smile.” — the author

a flash of insight
bright, bright moment always now
light of awareness

sitting by the pond
enjoying lotus blossoms
i see you and smile

I still remember
the Buddhist master sword stroke
Stop writing, just breathe.

Writing a Thay-ku
started thinking and planning
Thay’s words stopped me.

The radiant smile
of the Vietnamese monk
is Buddha loving.

Standing still by choice
on the escalator’s step
I remember Thay.

As they walked on
Stopped, touched textured wall
Gave me my teaching

Frost on the window
breathe and smile my teacher says
hello dear warm sun

One brown leaf
floating like a cloud
touches earth

Up there to the east
a flock of birds forms a v
sangha in the sky

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