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Poems About Death and Dying

By Bill Menza

How To Be With the Dying or Dead

How am I to be
With the dying?
With the living dead?
With the dead?

To be with them,
Be with them
As you would be with yourself,
In the present moment,
With this out-breath.

With an empty self
Open to all things,
Connected to all things,
Intimately with the oneness
Of life and death.


We are with you at this time.
When there is no birth or Death.

Only transformation.
A returning to what we once were.
A returning to the source of what we are.

For now, for us, here and there,
There is only the Path,
The Way,

Death Visits Often

Death visits often,
Sometimes suddenly
Sometimes over time.
I am of the nature to die. I will die.
You are of the nature to die. You will die.

Death is life. Life is death.
There is no birth; there is no death.
Only letting go
Back to what we were.

The rain travels to the river,
The river to the ocean,
And the ocean to the rain.
All is one.
One is all.

For a brief time
There is only togetherness
With constant change.

Why Can't Death Be Appreciated?

Why can't death be appreciated,
Just like life is.
Is it not just another mind-body state,
That arises and passes away?

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