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Riding the Moonwaves

by Erica Hamilton

The water is so calm tonight
I can see the light of the moon
In the serene reflection
of all that is
The smile of the moon
My soul
The life of the water
As a quiet peacefulness
Envelopes the night
The water is me
And I am flowing
Into the biosphere
of Gaia
Into the sweet matter
That reaches up and softly
Touches the moon

reflections from the velvety purple cloak of royal silence

by Sharron Mendel

and out of the silence came music
and out of the darkness came vision
and she saw, it is often like this -
out of laziness came motivation and drive
out of exhaustion - real exhaustion - came new life

and then she realized
the promise of Solstice
and the message of Easter
are one and the same -
death, rebirth, hope -
and white cleansing tears
out of eyes hurting from
seeing and not seeing

Rivers in Search of Water

by Sankar

Words without love:
Cardboard constructions
of logic and grammar.

Wayward streams of ink
meandering endlessly
over parched deserts of paper.

Dressed up skeletons
performing an act of walking.

are always waiting for love.


by John V. Love

The wind blows hard,
branches sing,
clouds hurry by,
and I breathe.

I see you in the raindrops,
that splash around me,
in the flower that blooms,
and in each new day that the
sun and moon dance in the sky.

You are here,
I am here.

Happiness is all around us.

Morning Walking Meditation

by Peter F. Guerrero

The sun in the east,
the full moon aligned in the westó
perfect harmony.

The blue sky above me,
the sound of birds singingó
perfect harmony.

A flock of geese landing on the lawn,
the cool breeze of a new day.
All in perfect harmony.

Stonehill College Retreat
August 14, 2003

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