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Only Being With

Everyone feels loneliness.
Sit with it.
As you need with any feeling.
Lullaby it.
See its roots, its essence.
What feeds them?

Know too the river of feelings,
Flows night and day,
Without end.
Sit on the bank
and watch.
Or be carried under
and drowned.

This is how it is.
There is no feeling problem.
Only being with
constant change.

~ Bill Menza, Nov. 11, 2005

Summer Plum Village Retreats

June 1 - June 21: “The Breath of the Buddha,” a 21-day retreat, in English

July 11 - August 8: “The Summer Retreat,” four one-week retreats, with special programs for families, children, and teenagers.

August 19 – 26: “Mindfulness Retreat for Scientists in the Field of Consciousness,” a convergence of science and meditation

More about these retreats, plus general information about Plum Village, can be found at If you are planning to attend a Plum Village retreat this summer and would like to be in contact with others from the Washington Mindfulness Community who are going, please send an e-mail to info(at)

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