Mindful Clock

Check out the new online edition of Mindfulness Bell (no software download required.)

This program is for those who have sound cards in their IBM-compatible computers. It is an audio clock, which will ring either a bell of mindfulness or (for the more conventional) Westminster chimes. The bell can be set to go off on the hour, the quarter hour, or randomly.

NEW & IMPROVED!  Windows 95-and-up version 2.2, includes meditation timer and invitation of bells. Works with Windows XP Service Pack 2.


Extra! Bigger, better sounding bells for the mindful clock:



Just download these into your c:\Program Files\MindfulClock directory. You can download a file from your Netscape or Microsoft browser by shift-clicking on the file name.  Once the files have been downloaded, open the MindfulClock control and select the new sounds by double clicking on the sound file names.

Thanks to David Steigerwald, the designer of the program. And if you know of any Mac programmers, we'd love to do a Mac version of the Mindful Clock.

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